The Page: January 2024 – Two Sides

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The latest and exciting NEW issue of The Page, the magazine produced by Two Sides to promote the sustainability and value of print, is now available!

In the latest edition of The Page, we take a look at what’s in store for 2024. After a turbulent 2023, we pick the brains of our finest industry experts about their predictions for print, paper and paper-based packaging.

Getting your customers’ ATTENTION and keeping it is the Holy Grail of marketing. Now attention metrics shows that print is one of the best performers. You can read more about it in the latest edition of The Page.

Our popular recurring section, ‘Fresh Thinking’, provides a round-up of fantastic print case studies, which include: Walkers switching to paper-based packaging for its multipacks, Fashion brand Asket issuing carbon emissions receipts to their customers, and Sky’s King’s Coronation mail pack.

So, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, take some time to relax and read the latest about Two Sides and the medium it is working hard to promote. Please share this issue with friends, colleagues and anyone else interested in the value of paper for a sustainable world.

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