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Hail, Caesar!

The Caesar salad isn’t just a steakhouse fixture. You’ll find it at Mexican restaurants. And Thai restaurants. And Cuban restaurants.

Some have miso or fish sauce in the dressing, while others are sprinkled with fennel pollen or replace romaine with snow peas.

And you’ll pay for those flourishes. The average price for a Caesar on these menus was $15.42, with the most expensive one clocking in at $22.

“It’s a lot of chefs’ favorite salad to eat,” said Fermin Nuñez, who serves a Caesar del Jardín at Este, his coastal Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas.

From top to bottom, left to right: 1. Bar Loretta, San Antonio. 2. Reba’s Place, Atoka, Okla. 3. Poltergeist, Los Angeles. 4. Jun, Houston. 5. Lula Southern Cookhouse, Kansas City, Mo. 6. Potchke, Knoxville, Tenn. 7. Este, Austin, Texas. 8. Chapulín Cantina, Austin, Texas. 9. Lord’s, New York City. 10. Saltbreaker, Alameda, Calif.

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