7 of the Best WordPress Themes for Elementor (2024)

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Elementor is one of – if not the most – popular page builders for WordPress available. There are around nine million live sites that use it, with usability in spades, a feature set to die for, and a competitive price. If you also add in one of the best WordPress themes for Elementor, you’ll have a killer combo that can power a profession website.

Because so many site owners use Elementor, there is lots of choice for themes. Most of the ‘big names’ (and smaller ones) offer compatibility and integration, which means you don’t have to compromise when it comes to opting for a particular theme.

For this roundup, we’ll look at a number of best WordPress themes for Elementor, and single out a top pick. First though, let’s look at what a good Elementor theme will give you, then how we curated our list.

What the Best WordPress Themes for Elementor Can Offer You

As we cover in our Elementor review, the page builder is a scalable, adaptable, and feature-rich monster.

Choosing a theme for WordPress involves a lot of thought, especially when you have to pair it with a page builder.

In our research, the best WordPress themes for Elementor all offer some fantastic benefits:

  • You have anywhere from suitable to strong integration with Elementor and its functionality.
  • The theme won’t get in the way of your own experience with the page builder.
  • It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best WordPress themes for Elementor also provide support for other page builders.

To follow up on this last point, Elementor is one of a handful of page builders that don’t ‘lock’ you into its ecosystem. Many page builders will use shortcodes under the hood to design your site, which will be a disaster if you want to change things up.

In contrast, Elementor doesn’t use shortcodes, so once you disable it, you’ll have a clean site again. It’s flexibility and adaptability is one of the biggest strong points.

As such, a theme that is also adaptable will save you money, speed up your development time, and still give you the foundation you’ll expect on future projects.

How We Picked the Best WordPress Themes for Elementor

Our list of best WordPress themes for Elementor isn’t a haphazard bunch of random solutions. We want to provide a selection with high-quality features and functionality, adaptability, and good pricing.

Even so, there are a few key pieces of criteria that will apply not only to choosing a theme here, but for any theme or plugin for your site:

  • Each theme would need to have regular updates. We like to see the most recent update be within the last six months.
  • Other users would need to speak in a positive tone about the theme. In a practical sense, this means it would need to have good ratings and reviews.

Finally, despite each theme on this list being one of the most popular for WordPress in general, user downloads aren’t a primary factor. What’s more, the price is suitable for all of these, as you’ll find out.

8 of the Best WordPress Themes for Elementor

Let’s get into our list! We have eight themes to share with you today, so here’s a quick summary of each one:

  1. Hello Theme. Elementor’s own ‘blank slate’ gives you a canvas to design your site, with the greatest level of integration and adaptability.
  2. GeneratePress. This super-strong WordPress theme supports the Block Editor well, and Elementor.
  3. Astra. One of our favorite multipurpose themes, Astra brings smart integration to the table. It’s something other themes can’t always provide.
  4. OceanWP. Another fantastic multipurpose theme, OceanWP provides a set of Elementor widgets that give you extra functionality.
  5. Neve. ThemeIsle’s flagship WordPress theme works well with Elementor to help you create gorgeous designs for mobile devices.
  6. Sydney. This lightweight theme builds around Elementor, and also supports a number of other page builder plugins.
  7. Zakra. This is one theme that doesn’t step on the toes of Elementor. As such, it’s perfect if you are comfortable with tpage builder and don’t want theme-specific functionality to distract you.

First though, we’re going to lead with our top pick among the best WordPress themes for Elementor. When you read about it, you’ll see why we rate it.

1. Hello Theme – An Obvious Choice as One of the Best WordPress Themes for Elementor

As an apt start, we have the Hello theme. This is free, and is a ‘first-party’ theme – i.e. the Elementor team develop it. As such, it’s a straightforward way to begin to create your website using Elementor.

The Hello Theme.

Hello is a ‘starter theme.’ This means you won’t have a built-in look like most other themes. Instead, it’s free from design. While this could be a negative, it means you can take advantage of Elementor’s template library to piece together your site as you wish.

The free theme is the only way to build an Elementor website from the ground up. As such, it offers immense value with perfect integration.

Why the Hello Theme is Our Top Pick

You have a blank slate that will work with the page builder at all times. What’s more, you have arguably the greatest level of integration and scope available. What’s more, the starter theme has good ratings and reviews, and is free to download.

2. GeneratePress

If GeneratePress was a physical object, you could drop it and it wouldn’t dent. This is an abstract way to say that the theme is rock-solid and coded well. We love this theme, and it offers much more scope and power than similar propositions. Of course, this gets even greater when you add Elementor into the mix.

The GeneratePress website.

We have a full review of GeneratePress over on our sister site, WPKube. In it, we talk about how it offers a super-fast and lightweight experience, it provides powerful page-level tools to help work with Elementor, and full support for building a theme from scratch.

Even better, a license costs $59 per year, and you can use GeneratePress on as many sites as you need.

3. Astra

Regular readers of Design Bombs will spot Astra in more than one article. The reason is because it’s a top-notch theme for many different purposes.

The Astra website.

In our post on 20 website examples using Astra, we talk about how the theme offers a good codebase, fantastic customer reviews, and top integration and design choices. Of course, this means Astra delivers Elementor support too.

There’s a good selection of site templates that use Elementor, and the theme employs smart integration. This means it will set options that are best for an Elementor site without the need for your input.

The free version of Astra could be all you need. However, the premium $137 per year tier also gives you a bunch of extra widgets for Elementor that will likely come in handy for your own designs.

4. OceanWP

Even without Elementor integration, OceanWP is one of the biggest fish in the sea. However, combined with the page builder, you have plenty to take a bite out of.

A collection of OceanWP templates.

The theme looks to improve on what you already get with Elementor, and offers some extra functionality too. For instance, you have a faster way to implement header styles, and get native functionality to create mega menus, sticky footers, and top bars.

What’s more, you have a whole host of site settings, arguably better WooCommerce support, and a raft of additional design options. You’re able to tackle global title and layout options for pages, get the ability to use local Google Fonts for extra performance benefits, and much more.

5. Neve

When it comes to browsing devices, and if we go by popularity, smaller screens rule. Given that nearly 60 percent of users access the internet through devices such as smartphones, it makes sense to design for it first. ThemeIsle’s Neve theme is perfect for that, especially alongside Elementor.

The Neve theme.

In its default setup, Neve is powerful and perfect for small screens. You’ll use the stock WordPress Customizer to create your designs. However, with Elementor at your side, it opens up with more functionality, design options, and more.

Part of this is down to Neve’s Elementor Booster module. This is a collection of seven widgets that let you implement flip cards, progress circles, content protection, content switching, and much more.

You can jump on board with a Personal license that begins from $99 per year. This lets you use Neve on any and all sites that you run – helpful to keep costs down.

6. Sydney

Other sites discuss how aThemes’ Sydney is a ‘hidden gem,’ and we have to agree. While the theme used to use the WordPress Customizer as its primary way of design, a change a few years ago saw the codebase center around Elementor. This makes Sydney a top-drawer theme that’s fast and feature-rich.

The Sydney theme.

There are a good range of site templates to choose from, and lots of additions with the premium version. For instance, you have extended WooCommerce support, extended options for your blog pages and footer, the same for your header and sliders, and some Elementor-specific additions.

We like the extra Elementor widgets you get, and also the Templates Builder module. The latter lets you create almost any part of your site using Elementor’s free version. This is great to save some cash, although Elementor Pro is relatively cheap anyway.

Speaking of which, Sydney costs $69 per a one-site license. This includes the entire Pro feature set, so you can nab a theme compatible with Elementor for peanuts.

7. Zakra

The entry on this list of best WordPress themes for Elementor is Zakra. It’s an outlier, and not a first-choice for many. However, it does offer stellar features and functionality.

The Zakra theme.

We feature Zakra in our post on WordPress wedding themes. In it, we speak of how you’ll have a fast theme with lots of customization, along with its compatibility with page builder plugins. This (obviously) includes Elementor.

However, while the integration is straightforward and no-frills, you also have lots on offer in the premium version. Even without using Elementor, you can customize your header and footer, global typography, blog page options, mobile display, and a whole host of WooCommerce settings.

Much like most of the themes on this list, Zakra’s free offering is solid, yet lacking. Instead, the premium version starts from $69 per year, and includes most of the good stuff. The $89 per year plan also includes a selection of extra Elementor widgets though.

In Summary

Elementor is so popular that many WordPress themes support it, and even provide deeper integrations in some instances. Even so, the Hello Theme represents a blank slate, and you’ll have the most integration and compatibility to leverage. As such, it stands at the top of our list of best WordPress themes for Elementor.

However, any of the themes on this list will prove to be a fantastic way to present your site. The other seven contenders here can all adapt to other page builders too. Our advice is to take a look at each one and decide whether the workflow and results look good to you.

Do you agree with our list of best WordPress themes for Elementor? Let’s hear your opinion in the comments section below!

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